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Meditation practice has been part of my life for over a decade. I see this practice as a way to nurture one's daily life. Taking a moment just to be tends to our health, our hearts, our relations. I study and teach meditation in L'Ecole de Meditation.
In the past years, I realized that mediating in the company of horses nurtures our relation.
These moments of presence and silence open new perspectives from which to meet and understand horses. 

Rahel Grunder and I organize courses and meetings to meditate with horses.

Meditation sessions are open to everyone, no prior experience with horses or meditation is required.  

To read more about the experience of meditating in the presence of horses, check out my blog post: Just sitting together
   Offers for 2023
Weekend 1: Initiation course (Cours d'initiation)
Dates: 6 and 7 May, 2023
*In French

Weekend 2: Initiation course

Dates: 26 and 27 August, 2023
*In German

Prices and practical details to be announced soon

Lengisried 5
1716 Oberschrot

(Bus 129 from Fribourg, stop "Oberschrot, Ried")

To register for a meditation course please contact us.
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