Equine Cultures in Transition, June 22-24 2021 

Equine Cultures in Transition is an international conference which brings together researchers and equine professionals, from all back grounds, to discuss the nature, needs and ethical challenges specific to horse-human relations. 

This year, the 3rd edition is held online from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Uppsala Sweden). 

This conference adresses a wide number of topics, ranging from historical and philosophical perspectives of the human-horse relations, to challenges in equine assisted therapy, to novel ways of equestrian coaching. 

It is open to the general public and is now accessible to a broad audience in its online version. 

To find out more or to register see the conference website

My contribution

Within the panel "Historical, philosophical and ethical perspectives on human-horse relationships", I will have the pleasure of presenting the paper "Beyond abolitionism: for a caring account of horse-human relations".


In this paper, I take seriously the common idea, in animal ethics, that horses should be considered as subject with the right not to be exploited or utilized. My central question is : how do horses and humans form relations and which of these relations are ethical? I apply the concept of "caring relations" from Care ethics theory, to analyse the ways in which relations with horses are ethical or abusive. 





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