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How can philosophy help you care for horses?


How can we think about our lives with horses through the lens of philosophy? Isn't philosophy a very theoretical field? Thinking about the nature of time or the meaning of life? How might it help you and the horses who share your life?


Actually, many philosophical questions are very practice oriented. They ask, for instance, about the meaning of our actions, about the nature of happiness and about how to live well. Ethics, a sub-field of philosophy, thinks about questions directly tied to how we live. And animal ethics ponders on questions such as "what responsibilities or duties do humans have towards animals?" or "Should animals work for or with humans? And if yes, what are fair work conditions for them?". 

Horse Intricacies seeks to make philosophical thinking and philosophical discussions approachable: something that can be integrated into your daily life and that can help you with difficult questions, or just to gain perspective. To do this, I put forward different offers in the form of courses, conferences, blog posts and workshops



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