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Sharing a poem - "Horses"


I hope you are doing well.

No intricate text for you today, I just wanted to share a poem from Pablo Neruda that I find especially moving.


Horses in red, Anna Bartnicka


From the window I saw the horses. I was in Berlin, in winter. The light was without light, the sky without sky.The air white like wet bread. And from my window a vacant arena, bitten by the teeth of winter.

Suddenly, led by a man, ten horses stepped out into the mist. Hardly had they surged forth, like a flame, than to my eyes they filled the whole world, empty till then. Perfect, ablaze, they were like ten gods with pure white hoofs, with manes like a dream of salt.Their rumps were worlds and oranges.Their colour was honey, amber, fire.Their necks were towers cut from the stone of pride, and behind their transparent eyes energy raged, like a prisoner.

And there, in the silence, in the middle of the day, of the dark, slovenly winter, the intense horses were blood and rhythm, the animating treasure of life. I looked, I looked and was reborn: without knowing it, there, was the fountain, the dance of gold, the sky, the fire that revived in beauty.

I have forgotten that dark Berlin winter. I will not forget the light of the horses.


Pablo Neruda

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