How can philosophy help us understand horses better?

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Horse Intricacies is a project promoting the idea that philosophy can help humans learn to live better lives with horses.


Philosophers have written about the relationship between animals and humans for millennia. Today, perhaps more than ever, many feel the urgency of rethinking the ways we think about, relate to and live with animals. With Horse Intricacies we put the philosophical wisdom to work to help us build new relationships between humans and horses.   

​Horses exist beyond the use humans make of them. Yet, we frame most of our interactions with them based on their potential usefulness: a dressage horse, race horse, roping horse – a ridding horse. But who is a horse as a horseHorse Intricacies opens a space to think and care about horses for their sake. 

Many are now concerned to develop relationships of trust, fairness and love with their four legged companions. Books, blogs and clinics about these topics are now abundant. Yet, we rarely question our fundamental preconceptions, ideas and assumptions about what it means to live with horses, who horses are, why they share our human lives and what we can legitimately expect from them. It is doubtful that trust, fairness and love can sustainably exist horses and humans if we do not deepen our understanding of this complex relation and question our deep-rooted assumptions. 

You can check out my blog, where I discuss philosophical and ethical questions which underly our everyday life with horses. I don’t have the answers, but I do have many questions. And I think this is where we should start.  


"Horses represent the other part of self, the child-like innocence and openness to all things new, what we want to be. When we are open to them, they bring us back to our deeper self"Mother Hildegard George